The Health Benefits of Swimming Pools

Posted on: 28 September 2016

If you are looking for some extra reasons to install a pool in your yard, look no further than the health benefits of a pool. Even if you aren't doing hours of laps each day, there are a number of significant physical advantages associated with having a backyard pool. 

Cardiovascular exercise

Even if you aren't swimming, having playtime in the pool is a good way to get some exercise in each day. Playing water games like Marco Polo with the kids or throwing a ball around can help to get the heart rate up and get in some fun activity, especially in those hotter summer months where it can be off-putting to try more traditional cardiovascular exercising such as running or walking. Playing in a backyard pool can be a great, easy way to find some extra daily activity year round. 

Strength exercise

Some people do not enjoy high impact exercise options of jumping and running due to the pressure that these exercises place on the joints; however, swimming can also be a good way to build up both strength and flexibility. The buoyancy of the water helps to remove the downward pressure and the water provides some horizontal resistance on the body to help develop strength. It can often be worth getting a physiotherapist to devise a specific exercise program for you if you have a some specific injuries or weaknesses that you want to address. 

Asthma support

Swimming has long been considered as a great exercise for asthmatics as it encourages rhythmic breathing and helps to support the development of more lung capacity. There is a growing body of study that helps to support this long held belief, making a backyard pool a good option for parents of asthmatics. Not only will a backyard pool help the children to practise their swimming, but it can also provide a great venue for an asthmatic child to have some fun active and social time with their friends, which they may normally find more challenging on land. This can be a great advantage in having an easy to access backyard pool. 

No matter what your focus, there a number of health benefits to spending time in pools. If you are looking to put in a backyard swimming pool, why not speak to a swimming pool contractor who can help you to work out which pool style might best suit your family's needs?