Here's Why You Should Consider Buying a Mulching Lawn Mower

Posted on: 26 August 2016

Lawn mowers are often placed in different categories based on their power sources and blade types. However, when it comes to disposal of the grass clippings, there are only two types: a mulching lawn mower or a grass-catcher mower.

The grass-catcher mower, also referred to as the two-in-one lawn mower, functions by propelling the grass clippings into a bag to be disposed of later, or out onto the lawn where they will be raked up later. On the other hand, the mulching lawn mower chops the cut grass into finer clippings which are then distributed across the lawn as you continue mowing. This is in addition to performing all the functions of the grass-catcher lawn mower.

If you haven't yet bought a lawn mower, here are two main reasons why you should consider getting a mulching lawn mower.

Mulching is great for your lawn

As a general rule, all clippings from your lawn should be mulched back into it. The grass clippings contain valuable nutrients which are released as the clippings are broken down. These nutrients are then carried by microorganisms into the soil from where they are taken up by your grass to produce a healthier, better looking lawn.

In addition, mulching reduces moisture loss from your lawn by providing a protective layer over the soil that keeps it cool. This will ensure that you don't have those unsightly dry patches on your lawn. Plus, you won't have to use too much water to keep your lawn hydrated.

The functional mechanism of the mulching mower facilitates this process in an effective and efficient manner. As you mow your lawn, the grass clippings are shredded into fine clippings that are released onto your lawn as you move along, starting the process of mulching.

The mulching lawn mower is more efficient

With a grass-catcher lawn mower, you will have to make several stops (depending on the size of your lawn) to empty the bag as you mow your lawn. You will then have to find a way to further shred the clippings in order to mulch your lawn. This will certainly take a lot of time and energy.

With the mulching lawn mower, the lawn is mowed and mulched as you move along so that when you turn of your mower, there is no extra work of emptying bags or manually mulching the lawn left to do. This means that even people who are not as healthy as they would like to be can still take care of their lawn without over-exerting themselves.

Make sure to check the health of your grass before cutting it which the mulching lawn mower. If there are signs of a fungal infection, you should put the cutting in a bag to avoid spreading the infection all over your lawn.

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