Reasons Your Business Should Have a Ducted Air Conditioner

Posted on: 11 August 2016

If you currently don't have an air conditioner for your business, you are probably deciding which type of A/C is best. There are many options to choose from, from central air conditioners that use ducts, to ductless split air conditioners, and even window units. Here are some reasons to consider using a ducted air conditioner in your commercial building.

Ducted Units Also Come With Heat

A unique thing about ducted air conditioners that some of the other options don't have is that they automatically come with heat as well. These systems used forced air to provide cool air throughout each office of your commercial building. If you turn the heat on, you will then have warm air forced through the ducts and out the vents to warm up each office building. With just one installation and set up, you have efficient cooling and heat without needing a second unit.

You Can Cool All Rooms at Once

Another benefit to having a ducted unit is the fact that the air goes through all ducts and vents when the unit is turned on. This keeps you from having to choose just one location in the building that should get all the air, or having to install multiple units. While ductless split system air conditioners have a lot of advantages, one major disadvantage is that it only cools off a targeted area. This means there might be some areas of the building that either need a separate air conditioner, or never get cooled off enough.

They Take Up Less Space

Ducted air conditioners also don't take up as much space in the commercial building, and don't have a bulky unit inside anyone's office. With a ducted system, it uses a condenser, which is actually placed on the outside of the building. This means the only thing you see in each room of the commercial building is the vent where the cool air comes out. It takes up no extra space and doesn't require an unattractive and bulky unit inside the offices or common areas of the building.

Ducted Air Conditioners Are Quiet

These air conditioners also tend to be fairly quiet, so they won't disturb your employees when they are trying to work. Most of the noise coming from this type of air conditioner has to do with the condenser unit, which is outside the building. The forced air might make low noise when going through the ducts, but it is not usually enough to cause a disturbance.

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