Tips for Choosing a New Awning System

Posted on: 14 July 2016

A new awning can make any outdoor space more comfortable and more inviting, for home or for a business; if you run a restaurant, an awning outside might allow you to expand your seating area to a patio. A commercial business might find that awnings help to reduce heat that seeps into their building through their oversized windows, saving them money on air conditioning.

When you are ready to shop for an awning system, you might be a bit overwhelmed by all your choices, as manufacturers today offer systems beyond the standard fabric or aluminum awning that simply juts out from your building. Note a few tips which can help you make the right choice for something other than a traditional folding or metal awning.

Retractable roof

A retractable roof is set up inside a frame and the fabric or metal of the roof folds back as needed. This can give you maximum versatility from your awning, as you can fold it back just a small bit to block out most sunlight or fold it back entirely so you have a fully open outdoor space.

A retractable roof is different than most fabric awnings in that the frame may include a front gutter and downspouts that help to direct rainwater away from the enclosed area; this can be good for protecting your home or business in very rainy areas. Directing rainwater away from your outdoor space can mean protecting your patio tile or concrete from water damage and from allowing water to collect around the building's foundation. A standard awning without this gutter system may allow rainwater to simply fall over the front and sides, where it might pool and cause damage to your property.

Conservatory system

A conservatory itself will have a glass roof for viewing the outdoors while still getting protection from the elements, and a conservatory awning system will include this glass roof and a retractable awning above it. The glass roof of this system can allow you to enjoy maximum sunlight while being protected from too much heat that might collect in your outdoor space; the glass might also have UV-blocking technology built in, so you don't get sunburned or have your outdoor furniture faded by the sun's harmful UV rays. The retractable awning can provide shade when necessary and also blocks out more heat and light when needed. The awning can also protect the glass roof of your space from damage due to inclement weather, hail, and the like. 

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