Make A Utensil Holder From An Upcycled Garden Rake

Posted on: 20 June 2016

A kitchen renovation project can be a costly venture, but you can save yourself some money by upcycling old household items that might otherwise be consigned to the bin as junk.  Here's how to make a useful kitchen utensil holder from an old garden rake in just a few hours.

What you'll need

  • old garden rake
  • screwdriver
  • pliers
  • 3 in 1 oil
  • steel wool
  • stiff brush
  • gloves 
  • washing-up liquid
  • primer
  • paint brush
  • spray paint

How to do it

  1. The first thing to do is to remove the handle from the garden rake head, as the head is the only part you'll need.  To do this, simply use a screwdriver to unfasten the screw holding the handle in place and slide it out.  If the screw is rusted stuck, soak it in 3 in 1 oil for an hour or so, and then try again.  You might need to use a pair of pliers to shift a very badly rusted screw.  
  2. Now you'll need to give the rake head a good scrub with washing-up liquid and warm water to get rid of any dirt and dust.  
  3. When the rake head is dry, use steel wool to rub away any rust.  It's a good idea to wear rubber gloves for this to prevent tiny splinters of rust from piercing your fingers as you work.  
  4. Once all the rust has been sanded away, rinse the rake head under cold water, and then allow it to air dry.  
  5. Next, use a paintbrush to apply primer to the rake head.  Make sure that you cover the whole thing; this can be rather fiddly, as you'll need to work the paint well between each prong.  Allow the primer to dry completely.  
  6. Finally, apply an even layer of spray paint to the rake head.  Make sure that the room you're working in is well ventilated so that you don't inhale any paint droplets as you work.  
  7. When the paint is completely dry, fix the rake head to your kitchen wall with the prongs pointing uppermost.  The method of fixing you use will depend on the wall finish and whether you have tiles or plaster.

In conclusion

If you're renovating your kitchen, why not create a useful utensil holder from a broken garden rake.  Choose a paint shade to coordinate with your kitchen décor scheme or add a splash of funky colour by painting each prong a different colour.