Some Important Factors to Consider When Buying Shade Sails for a Schoolyard

Posted on: 13 May 2016

When you need to select shade sails for a schoolyard, you want to ensure you take the time to shop and make your selection carefully. Not all shade sails are alike, even though they may look similar to you, and while it's vital that you choose sails that will be durable, you also want an outdoor space that is comfortable for children. Here are a few factors to consider when buying shade sails for any schoolyard.

Waterproof material

Waterproof material can be very good to have on rainy days; however, remember that rain doesn't always come directly down but may fall somewhat sideways as the wind blows. If you're concerned about keeping an area very dry, you'll want shade sails that are tilted at an angle for maximum protection.

It's also good to note that waterproof materials are typically made of a thick plastic that doesn't allow heat to escape. This can make the area under the shade sail very uncomfortable during warm summer days. You may also want some water to run off under the sail so that grass can grow. It may be best to have waterproof shade sails only over cement surfaces that are going to stay cooler and which don't have grass that will need some water throughout the year.

UV blocking

Shade sails may provide some shade but they may not actually block out harmful UV rays, depending on the material. Don't assume that a particular color of shade sail will automatically mean that children are protected from the sun; sails made with a loose cotton weave should be treated with a coating that blocks UV rays and deflects them back upward for maximum protection against sun damage to the skin.


When choosing shade sails, you may know to check the wind resistance and durability of the sails, but most will still need to be taken down in extreme weather conditions. You may also want to take them down for a ballgame or other such reason. Be sure you note how easy it is to remove and then also to reinstall the shade sails, as it may be more difficult to scale a ladder and then stretch the sails over their points than you realize. Their anchors should be easy to work with both for removal and reattachment of the sails, so be sure you check on this and choose ones that are manageable for you.