Facts To Help You Know The Right Bin For You

Posted on: 8 March 2016

The type of bin you choose for your business or premise will be determined by the nature and amount of the waste you dispense every day. Also, the frequency of changeover will be determined by processes going on in your business. Different industries have different requirements, and it's important for you to know what is recommended. Below are basics to help you know a type of bin that would fit your needs.

Bins for Landscapers and Builders

The low-sided walk-in bin is best for companies in landscaping and building industries. Low-sided bins have short walls and a flat rectangular or square base. This design is best for landscapers and builders as it allows for ease of access and flow of operations. Waste material for these industries include things such as bricks, soil, concrete, metal, and glass. This type of bin is also suitable for renovations and other similar jobs with waste not as little as for a homestead, and not as much as for commercial builders.

Bins for Demolitions and Commercial Waste

High-sided walk-in bins are recommended for companies that carry out demolitions and large-scale commercial construction. The bins are best suited where there is sufficient space in the compound. Also, they are often semi-stationary meaning they can only be moved every so often, and at times, they are placed where there is no need for movement.  You can always hire another bin or bins, and place them in strategic places if your disposal rate is high and the amount of waste is massive.

Bins for Garden Clean Up and Mini Jobs

If you're planning to clean up your garden, consider getting a high-sided skip bin. These bins are usually not walk-in and have high or raised walls. They are ideal for small jobs, because they comfortably accommodate waste from small-scale operations, and there is usually no need to walk-in and arrange the waste, as in the case of walk-in bins. Also, the bins have narrow bottoms, which makes them convenient for small projects as they will occupy minimal space.

Bins for Home or Office Use

Wheelie rubbish bins are a good option for home and office use. The bins have wheels and are usually small in size compared to commercial skip bins. This type is ideal for your home or office because it is convenient to use and you can change its location as needed. Also, wheelie bins are good for hospitals and other commercial places where workers move door to door collecting large numbers of different items.

It is important to consult a bin hire service like C. Fulton Pty Ltd and get advice on the best package for your specific needs. You can also request for a custom made bin to fit your needs.