3 Space-Saving Supplies For A Small Bathroom

Posted on: 19 January 2016

Not all homeowners are fortunate enough to have large-sized bathroom areas. As such, affected homeowners are often forced to sacrifice various bathroom features that would take up too much space in the small bathroom area.

Thankfully, there are a number of bathroom supplies that are specifically designed with small bathrooms in mind. These supplies are often readily available from local bathroom suppliers.

A few of these space-saving supplies are discussed below for the benefit of affected homeowners.

Wall-Hung Toilet Units

In a large number of cases, small bathroom areas have shower areas and toilets within the same physical space. The installation of traditional-style toilet units consumes a significant amount of floor space, which leaves less room for the installation of other accessories in a small bathroom.

As the name suggests, wall-mounted toilets are attached to chosen areas of a bathroom wall. This eliminates the need for consumption of the limited floor space available in a small bathroom.

It is important to point out that wall-hung toilet units are often more expensive to purchase and to install as compared to traditional-style toilet units. Interested homeowners should therefore be ready for the financial implications of settling for a wall-mounted toilet unit.

Recessed Lighting

The lighting system chosen for a residential bathroom can have a significant impact on the perceived amount of space available in a small bathroom area.

Recessed lighting electrical systems are installed in hollow openings within the bathroom ceiling. The installation of recessed lighting systems in ceiling areas helps to save on valuable space that would have otherwise been consumed by the installation of traditional bathroom lighting systems, including drum pendants and chandeliers.

Recessed lighting helps to create the illusion of more space in a residential bathroom by blurring bathroom boundaries. As such, the small bathroom area ends up looking much larger than it is in reality.

A similar effect can be achieved through the installation of large bathroom mirrors on bathroom walls. Flat bathroom mirrors help to reflect light around the bathroom area, thereby giving the bathroom area a larger outlook, albeit fake.

Built-In Storage Units

Lastly, homeowners can maximize space utilization in small bathroom areas by investing in built-in storage shelves and similar units. Such storage units are often incorporated into bathroom walls. This means that they don't use up any additional space around the bathroom area.

Vertical installation of built-in storage units is recommended because such units will lead the eyes of a bathroom user upwards, thereby making the bathroom area look bigger.