Excellent Timber Decking Solutions

Posted on: 4 January 2016

In order to have the best porch that connects your home to the outdoors, you simply need to deck right. Timber decking is one of the best deckings out there. However, choosing the right type of timber decking can sometimes be challenging. Not to worry. If you are a homeowner wondering which deck will best suit you, here is an article that highlights a few decking options just for you.

Cedar Decking

If you love wood, then cedar decking will surely make you happy. It involves the use of timber manufactured from cedar trees. Installing cedar decks is not rocket science and requires no specialized carpentry knowledge. With a few DIY tutorials, installing these decks should be as easy as pie.

Due to the softness of cedar wood, it's feeling on your bare feet is like no other. Moreover, cedar has a good frictional grasp on your feet. Therefore, you can forget about slipping on your deck. In addition, the price of this decking is affordable than that of composite decking. Therefore, if natural wood decking and saving is your aim, cedar is the way to go.

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) Decking

This takes timber decking to the next level. Wood-plastic composite decking involves use of recycled wood flour and plastic polymer chips as deck material. It is the most eco-friendly form of decking, since it reduces the amount of wood usually required for timber decks. This decking option gives you that natural wood look you want and gives your deck a longer life span.

In addition to durability, wood plastic requires no replacement, because it is free from defects such as splinters and twists. Therefore, if zero- maintenance is your goal, you may want to go for WPC decking. Unlike pure wood, the colour change of wood plastic composite with different weather conditions is more even, letting your deck look the same throughout the seasons.

Pressure-treated Decking

This decking involves the use of wood that has undergone pressure treatment. A process whereby chemical preservatives are forced into wood using vacuum and pressure. These preservatives protect the wood from termites and fungal decay, thereby giving your deck a longer life span. Moreover, pressure treated decking is cheaper than the other forms since it only involves treating normal wood with chemicals. Therefore, if you're looking to economise on your budget, this decking will surely do your pocket some justice. Its treatment against fungal decay also makes it the most ideal option for high moisture conditions.