Different Types of Roller Blinds For Home Use

Posted on: 18 August 2015

Window coverings can enhance the appearance of your home, but choosing the right ones are the key to adding value to the inside decor. If you are considering changing your window coverings, roller blinds may be a good option. Roller blinds are made from fabric, and they are designed to be DIY-friendly and more affordable than wood blinds. To help you understand your options, here are the main types of roller blinds on the market.

Spring-Assisted Roller Blinds -- These types of roller blinds feature springs that help the blinds contract when you roll them down and distribute tension throughout the blinds as you roll them up. Spring-assisted blinds are often featured when you buy roller blinds with thick and weighty fabric because these blinds require a dispersal of weight to ensure they don't snap the roller. Spring-assisted roller blinds are also featured on blackout blinds, which are designed to prevent any light at all from penetrating through your window.

Blackout Roller Blinds -- As mentioned above, blackout roller blinds are made to block as much light as possible from entering a room. Unlike standard roller blinds, blackout blinds are made with fabric that is double layered to not only keep out light but also to insulate a room against heat and glare. When you invest in blackout roller blinds, you can check the ultraviolet rating, also known as (UV) rating to determine what level of protection the blinds offer against harmful UV rays. UV ratings are usually designated as a percentage, so for example blackout roller blinds with a 90 percent UV rating indicate that the blinds have been tested to block out 90 percent of UV rays that can enter a room.

Motorised Roller Blinds -- Motorised roller blinds are automated blinds that operate by the touch of a button. They are often sold with a remote control device, and they are an ideal choice if your blinds experience heavy use, because they won't wear down as quickly as manually-operated blinds. They are also convenient and allow greater control over the amount of light that enters your room, since the motor is more accurate at stopping where you want it to as compared to manual operation which is less exact. Motorised roller blinds are also a good option if you have children or pets at home, because they eliminate the potential choking hazard of a chain or cord. 

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