Pest Control in Restaurants

Posted on: 24 July 2015

Pests are just as common in commercial buildings as they are in residential properties. It is important for restaurant owners to understand that it is possible to attempt your own pest control, but there are legislated regulations that must be followed. Pest management in restaurants must be done in a manner that ensures contamination does not take place during food preparation in any way.

There are many pest control options that are safe for restaurant use if properly administered:

Application of Insecticides

Insecticides for restaurant use must be chosen due to their commercial-safe labels. It is important that these insecticides are never applied to areas where contamination with food could potentially occur. Before you even begin to mix insecticides, you have to ensure that no food preparation is taking place.

All areas that have been treated must be blocked off until they are safe and no risk of contamination is possible. The sprays that are predominantly used in restaurants include Tempo SC, Suspend SC and Acephate. These are the favourite insecticides sued to get rid of ants, flies, spiders and cockroaches in commercial restaurants.

Roach Bait Alternative

If you are against using sprays in your restaurant, it is possible to get rid of cockroaches using an alternative. Professional roach bait has the ability to clear out an entire roach population. It is never recommended to use a professional bait and sprays in combination. These insecticide sprays will only result in the contamination of the bait. This will make them much less effective at riding cockroach populations.

Never Apply Sprays Liberally

No matter how large the pest infestation may be, it is never suggested that you spray down large areas of commercial space. Applying insecticide sprays requires accuracy. You need to focus on common areas in the restaurant including cracks, crevices and any place where pests have the ability to enter or exit. This is regular protocol that must be adhered to when spraying dining and kitchen areas.

If you have a large infestation problem involving a particular crack, it is possible to use a crevice tool. This will help you to spray a concentrated area and flush out all the pests that you want to get rid of.

If you have a heavy infestation that does not respond to these measures, it is necessary that you call a professional pest control expert to apply professional grade insecticides and baits to any problem areas you have.