The Bugs Come out to Play: Keeping Insects Away from Your Verandah Without Chemicals

Posted on: 8 July 2015

Outdoor living is one of the great things about living in Australia. During the warmer months (which in some parts of the country means every single month), you can sit outside on verandahs, relax with a meal and enjoy a warm evening. It would be a perfect way to spend an evening, if it wasn't for all the darn insects that want to crash the party. Having to constantly swat mosquitoes or wave flies away from your food can really hamper a great outdoor evening. Sure, you could pay someone to spray every inch of your verandah's surface with a strong chemical insect repellent, but this means you need to keep pets and small children away from the area for a day or two. It's really not that comforting, even though it's fairly effective. There are a number of ways to keep those insects at bay, and you don't need to rely on harsh chemicals.


It's hardly surprising that spiders want to build their webs under the shelter of your verandah, but it's your area and you don't have to share it! Invest in a telescopic spider web broom which is amazingly effective in sweeping those cobwebs into oblivion. The webs collect on the head of the broom, so there's no mess. The spiders will inevitably return, so you really should be using the broom every couple of days. To clean, just blast the head of the broom with your hose as needed.

Flying Annoyances

You can keep flying annoyances at bay while making your table look lovely. Place potted herbs on your outdoor dining table and their natural oils will act as an insect repellent. Go for basil, lemongrass, mint or rosemary. You can enjoy fresh herbs with your meal, as well as enjoying the lack of flies and mosquitoes. A potted citronella plant is also effective at repelling flying insects, and they're good at handling the Australian heat.

Decorative and Effective

It's the oil in citronella plants that keeps the insects away, and you can actually feel this as a greasy residue when you rub the plant's leaves. Citronella oil burners concentrate the plant's power and can add a lovely decorative effect to your outdoor area. You might want to place these around the edge of your verandah, as the smell, while not unpleasant, can be rather strong.

Don't let insects deter you from using your verandah at any time of the year. All you need to keep them away is a little elbow grease and some help from Mother Nature.