Getting the Most Value from Your Local Hardware Store

Posted on: 6 July 2015

When odd jobs need doing, it requires a trip to the hardware store. If you go there unprepared though, you could be filling your trolley with more than you bargained for. With so many items in stock and an abundance of tools to choose from, it's easy to stray from what you went there for:

Always know what you're shopping for

Make a list of what you need and stick to it. Otherwise, you are likely to buy at least one thing you never intended. If you don't know exactly what you need, explain the job you need to do to a sales assistant and they can guide you to the tools to get the job done with ease. You may be surprised by the knowledge of store assistants in hardware stores.

They do more than stock the shelves and operate the cash register. Often, they are DIY enthusiasts with a basic understanding on a variety of home projects, including plumbing, electrical, drywall sanding, priming, and even outdoor gardening and paving solutions.

Buy the minimalist tool to get the job done

For every tool in stock, there will always be choices. No matter what tool or materials you need, there's usually basic store brand merchandise and premier brand label products. Most of the time they do the same thing. A claw hammer is always just that. The type of handle on it could be premium quality rubber for comfort and grip, but that's only going to be beneficial if you intend on using it frequently. For odd jobs around the home, the most basic and cheapest will do the same.

Research your products so you aren't relying on the sales assistants to help you decide    

There is never any harm or embarrassment in asking for assistance if you need it. What you don't want to do though is put yourself in a position where you're being recommended higher priced products than you really need. Independent hardware stores will mostly provide excellent customer care as it is what sets them apart from franchise hardware stores.

In a larger chain store, management can encourage their sales assistants to push premium priced products when possible to increase the revenue. This could see you buying maple or oak wood, when pinewood would do the job for less.

The more knowledge you have before you go to the hardware store, the more likely it is you will only buy what you need. If you plan on buying materials such as wood, gravel, paving, or fertiliser, research the different types before you go so you know the right material for your needs. To learn more, contact a company like Garden Equipment.