Choosing Electric Garage Doors

Posted on: 12 March 2015

Having a garage is a simple way to expand storage space in your house and provide a secure place to park your car at night, as well as storing all that gear that doesn't get used often. The garage is also one of the first and post prominent features to a house that guests see. For that reason, it's worth having a nice, aesthetic set of garage doors. So why settle for manual ones when electric garage doors are available?

If your garage door could use an upgrade, understand a few of the style options you have.


As the garage will be a huge feature of the house, it's certainly worth investigating the types, styles and range of garage doors available. But what are the differences?

Up and Over—Still the most popular style of garage door. The Up and Over design constitutes one large panel that swings outwards. The advantage is these are cheap and simple and can be made from wood or steel, allowing for an appealing range of customisation. The downside is they require space In front of the garage to allow for the upwards swing, thus not recommended for the space-conscious.

Overhead Sectional—This type of door is made from a series of smaller panels which slide upwards and backwards as a unit, into the garage door at ceiling height. These are easily insulated, reducing your energy waste and should come with safety features as standard. They can also be made from wood or steel. The main advantage from overhead sectional electric garage doors is the saving of space. One can park right up to the garage front as the door retreats straight up, rather than swinging outwards.

Side Sectional—Hung from the top, these doors slide horizontally into the garage to cover an inside wall. Again this design's favour is the ability to park right up to the door, wasting no space. They can be operated manually as well as electronically and can be opened to any degree, allowing enough room for you to slip inside quickly or enough to drive off to work.

Whichever design chosen for your electric garage doors make sure you consider the pros and the cons and pick the one that's your favourite and best suits your requirements, not just the one the salesman likes. For a better idea of your options, contact local experts and suppliers such as The Roller Door Doctor.