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  • The 3 Type of Locks to Order & How Expensive Locks Can Save You Money

    Are you selecting locks to be installed at your home, but are not sure about the kind that is most secure? Finding the right type of lock could be the difference between someone successfully breaking into your home, and being shut out by a lock that has done its job. Here are a few suggestions for the type of locks your home should have, and why the expensive ones can pay for themselves. [Read More]

  • Asbestos: Is It Safer To Remove It Or Leave It Where It Is?

    Before 1989, asbestos, a silicate mineral, was a common choice for building materials. It was banned after discovering that asbestos fibres have toxic and carcinogenic properties, but many old houses still have asbestos-based building materials. Asbestos can induce respiratory problems, lung issues, asbestosis and even mesothelioma cancer. Since asbestos is a health threat, it's normal for people to want to eliminate every bit of it from their houses. However, it might be safer to leave them there in some cases. [Read More]

  • Integrate Reclaimed Materials Into Your Luxury Home Design: Six Ideas

    If you are having a luxury home built, it doesn't have to be made of entirely new elements. If you love old architecture or antiques, consider having some reclaimed elements designed into your home. Reclaimed elements add unique style to your home, and they are environmentally friendly because they are essentially a recycled product. Here are some ideas to consider: Reclaimed Timber Reclaimed timber from old homes or buildings gives a beautiful accent to a new home, and if you know where it's from, it adds a story to your home as well. [Read More]