Tips for keeping your lawn mower running well

Posted on: 1 December 2015

Your lawn mower is one of the pieces of machinery that you own that will take the most beating. Over time, it will receive a lot of use and may encounter different obstacles along the way, such as tree roots and stones. Eventually, parts will begin to wear and break if they are not properly looked after and maintained. This can lead to expensive repairs and replacements, as well as having to replace your lawn mower sooner than expected, which could be a big hassle if you do all your landscaping yourself and don't use a commercial lawn mowing service.

There is no point leaving something alone until it breaks, so you should take the necessary preventative measures so you give your machine every chance of having a long, repair-free life. 

Be well versed on your lawn mower's capabilities

Many people will buy a new lawn mower and treat it like they would the others. This is a big mistake. Unless you are purchasing the exact some model, each lawn mower will have their own individual uses, capabilities and restrictions.

You need to keep these in mind at all times. Therefore, you should read the lawn mowers owner's manual as soon as you purchase it. This will tell you exactly how the machine needs to be treated and maintained, as well as what things to watch out for. This will ensure that you get the most out of your machine and have a better overall experience.

Keep the fluid levels in check

One of the most common causes of a lawn mower not starting or constantly stalling is having bad or dirty petrol in it. This is why you should drain the petrol out of the machine when you are getting ready to store it for extended periods of time. This dirty petrol can work away at the components over time, causing damage to them. You can drain it or simply use the mower until the petrol runs out.

Another important fuel check that you need to make is the oil levels, as well as checking for any dirt or debris that has entered the oil supply. Signs of these problems include floating debris in the oil supply or even oil that looks particularly black. This oil should be replaced immediately.

To do this, all you have to do is remove the drain plug that is located under the lawn mower and tilt the machine on its side to drain it. The machine's owner's manual will provide you with additional details if you are unsure.