Different Types of Ready-Made Curtains

Posted on: 26 May 2015

Curtains are designed in different styles, sizes, colours and materials therefore choosing the right window treatment for your home can be challenging. An ideal curtain should be aesthetically-pleasing and it should be suited to your needs in terms of privacy and obscuring light. There are other diverse aspects to consider before purchasing the ideal curtain including the cleanability of the fabric, fire resistance, durability and the cost.

In addition, there are varied curtain products which are classified according to the style and design. Here are the main types of ready made curtains available in the home improvement market:

Pleated Curtains

The pleated design is a classic style which is ideal for installation in both traditional and contemporary homes. It is a popular choice for homeowners who want to achieve a tailored and somewhat formal look without the extra costs. The pleated curtain consists of fabric with neat tightly gathered folds which cover the entire length of the product. This style can be installed on tracks or poles therefore they are convenient during upgrades. The style is best suited for lounges, living or dining room and study space.

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains, which are also known as ring-top, are designed with holes at the fabric header through which the installation pole is inserted. These holes are usually reinforced with metal rings made from materials such as chrome and silver. The curtains are easy to open and close since they hang freely from the pole.

Moreover, you can choose heavier fabrics because the ring and rod support system is sturdy and resilient. This style is ideally designed to match with contemporary interior design and you can install the curtains in lounges and modern bedrooms.

Tap Top Curtains

The tab top curtain is designed with fabric loops at the heading which are hung on a pole. These are simple to install and the style is stable so you can choose heavier fabrics. Note that you will require an aesthetically pleasing feature pole for the curtains because the fabric loops will leave most of the rod exposed. Tap top curtains present a contemporary look but they are best-suited for informal use in living spaces such as bedrooms.

Cased Heading Curtains

The cased heading style is primarily used for lightweight fabrics and sheer nets. Basically, the curtain is sewn with a narrow casing at the top which is left open. During installation, a thin rod with hooks at both ends is inserted and fitted over the window. This design is suited for curtains which will not be operated frequently.