Real Ways to Save Money While Traveling on Holiday

Posted on: 10 April 2015

When traveling on holiday, chances are you want to save money where possible but you also want to relax and enjoy your trip. Trying to cut back on everything you do and everything you spend can mean being so anxious about your money, or refusing yourself so many experiences, that you don't really enjoy your time away.

There are actually some real ways to save money while traveling on holiday and which won't make you feel deprived of fun and enjoyment. Note a few simple tips here.

1. Get a motel with a kitchen

You may not relish the idea of cooking while on vacation, but some simple meals you prepare at your motel or which you can purchase premade and store in a small fridge can help you to cut back on expenses. Eating out is usually one of the largest costs you face while on holiday, so if you can make sandwiches or buy sandwiches from a local deli rather than going out to lunch every day, or make some simple dishes you'll take to the beach rather than eating at the local restaurants, this can save quite a bit of cost for you when on holiday.

2. Use shuttles and public transportation

Renting a car can also be one of the largest expenses you'll face when on holiday, so investigate alternatives. Shuttles often run to popular hotels from an airport, and may even go from those hotels to the nearby beaches. Some may also go right by museums and other attractions, and public transportation in tourist towns is often set up to accommodate routes from hotels to popular sights. By using public transportation or investigating shuttles and other such services, you can save on renting a car for your entire holiday while still seeing everything that's on your list.

3. Bundle and save

Whatever you do while on holiday, always look for ways to bundle and save. Can you book a flight and a hotel room at the same time for a discount? Can your motel, a place like Ashfield's Philip Lodge Motel, offer you discounts, rewards points, or any other way to save at local restaurants? When you book a fight, do certain sites offer rewards points or other ways to save at local attractions in the city you're visiting?

Very often these bundles are out there for you to use but many travelers simply don't think of taking advantage of them when booking their trip. Be sure you don't overlook these ways to save for your next holiday.