3 Reasons To Consider Refurbishing Or Replacing Your Stairs

Posted on: 26 March 2015

When it comes to home improvements, most homeowners will think about the bathroom, kitchen, doors, windows and other fixtures. However, the staircases are often overlooked, even though they serve an equally important role in terms of function and aesthetics. Well, it's time to focus on your steps and here are some reasons why you might want to get some work done on them.

Time isn't friendly to your stair cases

Stairs take a lot of use, repeatedly and on the very same areas. Because of that, their rate of wear is high. To tell just how worn your stairs are, look for scuffing or color fading on the outer edge of the base board. If you have a carpet on your stairs, effects of wear will be more visible from afar. To reverse this, think about carpeting your stairs to cover cosmetic damage or changing the existing carpet. Alternatively, you can replace the baseboards or install a new, modern staircase.

Match your stairs with the rest of the house

Another reason to work on your stairs is to ensure that they conform to the design plan you have created in your home. Although this is done during construction, after renovations and various home improvements, your staircases might not match with the other areas anymore. The timber may have changed color or the design might just be at contrast with the other areas of the house. For a minimalistic fit out, think of changing the balustrades and handrails for wood, glass or stainless steel. However, if you want a radical change that will make your stairs stand out, get a contractor to redesign your stairs from scratch.

Safety upgrades

If you're not worried about design and looks, you should still think about safety, especially if you haven't had your stairs worked on in many years. With time, hand rails tend to loosen from the walls and the baseboards may start to creak under pressure. Balustrades are especially prone to accidental damage and can leave gaps under your rails. All these are signs of a risky staircase. If your stair case falls into this category, think of installing new rails, metallic posts or steel edges for your timber boards. If you have a concrete set of stairs, think about doing additional sealing on the edges to abate cracking. Alternatively, you can shop for modern stair case and tick off the safety concern for decades to come.

If you choose to go for a new staircase, it can be installed in whole or via prefabricated pieces to ease the installation process and reduce the interruption to your home. For more information, contact a company like Queensland Stairs.