Common Types of Motorhomes

Posted on: 6 February 2015

Motorhomes are designed and built in different sizes and shapes, so it is important to know the basic configurations before settling for just any model. There are various factors that are considered when choosing the perfect auto-home, including the costs, number of occupants and the length of time the vehicle will be on the road. By identifying the available items in the markets, you can make a selection by matching your needs to the features provided. Here are some of the most common motorhomes in the industry.

Micro Motorhomes

The micro motorhomes are built in the basic configuration of well-liked cars and look like small vans. They are ideal for use when one is travelling alone or with a single companion. Though most of the common models have sleeping space for two people, there are many that have only a solitary berth. They are favoured for their compact nature and because they are easy to drive over long distances. Despite the limited space, the vehicles have some cooking facilities and storage space for a portable toilet.


The popularity of campervans has been steady over many years, and it is often purchased to replace family cars. The space in the vehicles is large enough to accommodate two people when touring or more people depending on the level of comfort required. There are two versions of campervans; the rising roof and the high top. These motorhomes are typically well-equipped with the basic amenities of a small stationary home. The packed-in nature of the van makes it ideal for touring in small groups, which cannot fit in the micro alternative.


Coachbuilt motorhomes are quite common because they are the perfect balance between cost and sufficient facilities. They are constructed by using the cab and chassis of vans, and then the motorhome body is installed to complete the structure. The levels of specification in terms of home features vary depending on preference and the budget. Generally, you will find a cassette toilet and shower, as well as a double bed. The overcab provides more sleeping space so it is a good home for medium-sized travelling families.

'A' Class Motorhomes

A-Class motorhomes are designed to provide luxury on the road. The models are typically spacious with comfortable sleeping and living space, as well as sizable bathroom and kitchen areas. The body of the vehicle is integrated such that there is no separate cab unit. This is a good choice if you enjoy opulent living and are not very limited financially.

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